Friday, December 9, 2011

Alrighty! Chapter 43!

oh yeah~
chapter 43 finished as promised~, but next chapter probably will take longer cause its not translated yet (~-_-)~. Thanks again to our translator Elyu! Nothing to add today.... enjoy~
the horror


  1. Nice going! sory i didnt active for so long. But its nice that u & Elyu still doing great ^^

    Btw, do u have any Hot Dog manhwa? (from Tora Aman) I try to google for it but didnt found any trace. Can u tell me the author of that comic?

  2. wow thanks for working hard on J drem Hishouhen manga. your really great i always admire scanlators like you guys...

  3. thx :), juz hoping mediafire dont end up like megaupload.. =="
    i dont hav any other backup.

  4. you guys translate from Malay to English or what? if so, i'm available...

    btw, hoping that J-dream the prequel will be scanlated as well..because i didn't read the prequel. only own the sequel, all volumes.

    1. :/ , are u sure u wanna join? gimme an email kay :D

  5. really? nice! ,, for now, i , translate from BM -> English. you can give ur email or email me at

  6. i too hope that we can translate all volume,including the chinese one(Season 3). I guess i'll be leaving the translation to you now, son. :P

  7. Ah, no more chapters after this? Can't find the comic here in Indo