Thursday, December 2, 2010

AAAAAAAAAA! Chap 36,37,38!

I really do have so many free time! Argh! I  present to you, triple release! I could do this none other because regimechange had already translate till chap 38~. now...ENJOY!
*Do you happen to know any Chinese scanlators? i would want to recommend them to translate this manga for its 3rd season.

oh nakai~

try to guess who's in the middle~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

chap 35

Woot! chap 35~
Grab it!
i'll rest for a while b4 continuing other chap~

Chap 34~

Hey guys~...looks like its been long since my last scan~.its because i've been been busy and i've been lazy~. but enough with that! Lets welcome our newest member~, Regimechange! he has translated chap 34 till chap 38! means extrawork for me~
for this chap, pages 5-16 looks like shit coz thers problem with the RAW. Anyway~, enjoy~

p/s: i've already cleaned chap 35~ XD