Friday, December 9, 2011

Alrighty! Chapter 43!

oh yeah~
chapter 43 finished as promised~, but next chapter probably will take longer cause its not translated yet (~-_-)~. Thanks again to our translator Elyu! Nothing to add today.... enjoy~
the horror

Saturday, December 3, 2011

chapter 42!

This Chapter is translated by our newest nakama, Elyu! Woooottt!! 
Both chapter 42 and 43 is already translated, and cleaned~. but chapter 43 need to be proofread and typed (~-_-)~. 

Did you know why our group name is Anak Ayam? in Malay, it means lil chick, when Taka was refered to in one of the early chapter instead of his name, Taka@ Hawk. Alright enough rant, here's chapter 42~
p/s: anyone know what chick is in japanese?

*forgot to mention, ill continue chapter 43 next week. too many assignment liao~