Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tutorial! How to Scanlate! Part-1

I've always wonder, why is it there's so little Malay Scanlation group..Is it because that they don't know how to do it? or is it because its pointless? or because of this?There really is many valid reasons..but depends to the person..Scanlate can be quite fun, alot more fun if you do it in a group.Nonetheless, the reason that i write this post is to teach you one or two basics things about scanlate! Who knows that maybe there's someone here who'll try and make and make a scanlation group after this.Who knows! Alright2x!Enough chat!
I maybe wrong..but correct me if i'm wrong! I'll make this brief cause i don't like to write long.

Basically, Scanlation consist of 3 parts:
1)Searching RAW.
3)Translate and Type.

You can scanlate either on your own or with your team,depends!
1)Searching RAW
For the first part, searching raw(raw is an uncleaned,grayish color of a manga) is fairly easy...Google it, there are lots of torrent sites for raw, or like J-dream

What you need:
1)Adobe Photoshop CS3/Above
2)Topaz Vivacity plugin(Google it,pm me if you still can't find it),and install it of course!
I'll teach you the easiest way to clean. so don't expect an excellent result! try to save the below image.
Alright, i'll explain it in numbering manner:
1)Drag the image to Adobe photoshop.
2)Change the Image type by Mode->Grayscale->discard changes.
3)Level the image by Ctrl+L or Image->Adjusment->Levels
-The trick is, to make the black part to be blacker and the white part whiter.Stop when you see some changes in the Grey Colour.Or in this case, drag the black slider to 14 and the white slider to 231.
4)Notice there's still some grey part on the left side of the image.We'll deal with that. Select your Brush, and press Q. Right Click, and chose at about 195x diameter.Don't mind the Hardness level.While pressing Shift,click at the upper left-most part of the page,consisting the grayish area and simply drag down.And you'll probably get something like this.
5)Include the black part of the box surrounding the watch including the watch itself.Then press Q and Shift+Ctrl+I@Inverse.
6)You might want to not include the part that you want to turn white, by clicking the selection tool,select the unwanted part(the grayish lower right corner) while holding Alt.Now level it,Ctrl+L, only the white silder, 211 is enough.Deselect,now repeat the same process, Brush, but this time, choose only the grayish upper part.and the small long left part with smaller brush.
7)then press Q and and inverse and level it to 167.You can clean the grayish part left and the Japanese words using the eraser.If you made any mistakes, just undo by Ctrl+Z.Then Level once more with black slider to 18 and white slider to 234.You'll probably get something like this.
8)Image Resizing
Resize the image to the standard size, although, if you have a small RAW, it'll make your image look blurrier thus it looks bad. So, better search for a larger RAW! >_<. Re size accordingly by pressing Ctrl+Alt+i(px).
Are you still with me?Hang On! here comes the last but the hardest part! 
Denoising(Topaz Vivacity)!
9)before that, burn any necessary part(make the black,blacker) using the burn tool.Such as.there is some white spots at kindaichi's hair,use the burn tool to eliminate that.
Ok! go to Filter->Topaz Vivacity->Topaz Denoise.
Configure it to your hearts content.For me..
*Don't forget to level once more if you see the black area not properly black.
 Then resize back to 1200px.Save your work by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S with PNG-8(for smaller size).
And thats all for Cleaning! I'm exhausted...See you next time for the next lesson!
if you want to learn more, lookie here


  1. omg! haha cleaning is pretty easy uhh? XD

    I love reading mangas so much i got really irritated when a scanlation group dropped the mangas that i really love. It feels as if i wanna do it myself but i dont really know where to start. ="=

    I really thank you for this tutorial. The only thing left for me is to learn japanese =3

    PS Before this I never knew that malay scanlation groups existed haha

  2. haha, sometimes u dont even need to clean, just used the cleaned page by some scanlation group. If you ned anything, just ask okay~, about how to level each page depends on the amount of black,white and gray. so, you need to try and error to get the best result~ XD

  3. Wow, amazing! At the very least this makes me respect the scanilators more.

  4. Cool! Actually I thought Malay scans don't even exist.. but they DO?! WOWWWWWWWWW xD

  5. Cool! Actually I thought Malay scans don't even exist.. but they DO?! WOWWWWWWWWW xD