Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chapter 40! \(>Д<)/

ROAR! i manage to type chapter 40 today~ , yay!
the next chapter probably will be done next week, or maybe longer..who knows!
Thus, this chapter ends volume 5, and we'll continue with volume 6 after this~.
hopefully by now people will recognize J-dream manga to be awesome, coz i hope to share the love for this manga with everyone. Join me or feel the pain of longer scanlation!
And here's the chapter~
(°Д°)! what the hell iz dat face??

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chapter 39

looks like its been almost a year since my last release~, 
Happy Anniversary For Not Doing Anything! Yay!
Anyway,sorry for the late release, thanks to Akechinun, our newest member,and translator,WOOOTT!  who manage to translate chap 39~. So, sit back and enjoy this chapter~ . Chapter 40 is cleaned already and only need to be translated. so, don't worry~

 Why so serious~