Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chapter 40! \(>Д<)/

ROAR! i manage to type chapter 40 today~ , yay!
the next chapter probably will be done next week, or maybe longer..who knows!
Thus, this chapter ends volume 5, and we'll continue with volume 6 after this~.
hopefully by now people will recognize J-dream manga to be awesome, coz i hope to share the love for this manga with everyone. Join me or feel the pain of longer scanlation!
And here's the chapter~
(°Д°)! what the hell iz dat face??


  1. I just found this blog...
    Great work, dude!!!!
    Really love this manga.
    Brings back old time memories.
    Just wanted to let U know my appreciation.
    And please keep 'em coming.

    BTW... Do U also have part 1 & part 3 of the Series?

  2. part 1 n 3 can be found on the "Download Archive" link.
    -part 1 is in Malay, while part 3 is in Chinese.
    if u understand chinese, we could translate part 3 together~, yay!(>O<)/

  3. HaHaHa...
    Sorry man, Really wanna help...
    But I only know English and Thai...

    I use to have the complete series of J Dream in the Thai version...
    Sadly, my mom sold it with the rest of my comic book collections to the JUNK YARD for only a few bucks...
    Really broke my heart...

  4. If my memory's not wrong...
    In vol.4 there's a side story about Taka Meeting with an Italian chick, Right?

  5. yep. that omake was pretty long, so maybe ill translate it another time~ XD
    maybe after i finish with argentina~

  6. Sory, such a busy week >.< i'll begin the translation of ch 41 tonight..

  7. Damn, just when i was motivated & got time to do the translation, i got hospitalize coz of accident. I just got released today, still too tired to do the stuff.

  8. i c.....sorry to hear that. hopefully you'll b healthy as soon as possible!. XD